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ABOUT Overdrive Repair

In 1986, Joe Winter formed Overdrive Repair Services, after a long spell as a Laycock Engineering employee. Laycocks had been winding down their repair and service work, and this presented Joe with the opportunity to purchase much of their equipment and spares. Joe's son Paul joined his father, along with Peter Eggington (a former Laycock employee), and the business continues to prosper, as it caters for any vehicle fitted with a Laycock de Normanville unit. Overdrive Repair Services cater for customers worldwide, from the smallest spare part, to the full Overdrive Unit.

Backed with full machining capabilities, our machine shop is fitted with ex-Laycock Engineering machinery and tooling, thus providing the ability to produce an extensive range of Overdrive components.

We are able to supply most spare parts for the full range of Laycock de Normanville Overdrives.

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History of the Overdrive

The Laycock de Normanville Overdrive Unit was first introduced to the Motor Industry in October 1948, when it was fitted to a Standard Vanguard.

The Overdrive Unit was a result of a chance meeting the year before, between Ken Walker, Production Engineer at Laycock Engineering Limited, and Captain Edgar de Normanville, a Transmission Designer.

The first unit to be created was the 'A' type Overdrive, this was fitted to many sports cars during the 1950's. Famous marques including Jaguar, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Austin Healey, Jensen, Bristol, AC and Armstrong Siddeley were amongst the manufacturers to incorporate the overdrive unit into their engine systems. Later the A type Overdrive was to be fitted to the entire range of TR cars.

In 1959, the Laycock Engineering Company introduced the 'D' type Overdrive, and this was fitted to a variety of motor cars including Volvo 120 and 1800's, Sunbeam Alpines and Rapiers, Spitfires and also to early 3-synchro MGBs.

From 1967 the 'LH' type Overdrive was introduced, and this featured in a variety of models, including 4-synchro MGBs, the Ford Zephyr, early Scimitars, TVRs and Gilberns.

The 'J' type Overdrive was introduced in the early 1970's, and was adapted to fit Volvo, Triumph, Vauxhall Opel, American Motors and Chrysler motorcars and Ford Transit vans.

Over a period of 40 years, Laycock Engineering manufactured over three and a half million Overdrive Units, and over one million of these were fitted to Volvo motorcars.

At Overdrive Repair Services we have the capacity to manufacture components, and re-manufacture the whole range of overdrives. Please feel free to contact us with your requirements.

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