What is the difference between a classic, vintage and an antique car?

Classic Car

Here at Overdrive, you will know that we specialise in classic car repairs.  Sometimes we find that some people find it hard to define the difference between certain type of cars. This is why we ask what is the difference between a vintage car, a classic car and an antique car? The definitions do overlap a tad but we define them below.

Starting off with the classic car, what defines this type of car? Well, to be honest, everyone appears to have a different definition. But it is widely known as being a car that is older and that has enough historical significance to make it into a collectable. It is worth spending the money to restore.

A vintage car is a car that was produced between 1919 and 1930. These cars would show the vast changes that technology and research has made on cars.

A antique car is simply defined as being over 45 years old. They would also should be kept in as close to their original design and specifications as possible. They are sometimes defined as classic cars and sometimes they overlap with vintage cars. But not all vintage cars are antique cars.

If you’re a car enthusiast then you will be aware of these definitions. But ask yourself what is your car? Is it a classic, vintage or antique? There are many other options but these are some of the main categories. Talk to us to find out more about what your car would be.