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Laycock Overdrive Services

Overdrive Repair Services as a company can offer a wide range of Laycock Overdrive orientated machining services which include Annulus ring and Speedo gear repairs and recuts, Speedo hobbing production, Gearbox production and non Overdrive conversions on various types, Complete gearbox and Overdrive conversions to various vehicles i.e. Triumph TR and Daimler Dart SP250.

We also manufacture a Retro unit which is available for rear wheel drive vehicles giving:

  • Independently sealed unit
  • Various mounting points
  • 0.733 : 1 gear ratio
  • 27% ratio reduction
  • Fits any rear wheel drive vehicle with sufficient physical space in the propshaft length and tunnel
  • Improves fuel consumption, reduces engine/transmission wear
  • £950.00 + VAT + carriage