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Classic Car Maintenance

How to Maintain a Classic Car

Owning a classic car is not just a possession; it’s a passion and a connection to a bygone era of automotive craftsmanship. Whether you’re an avid collector or a sentimental enthusiast, maintaining the allure of your classic car requires diligence and care. This guide will cover the basics to help you to keep your cherished vehicle in impeccable condition for years to come.

Stay indoors

Storing your classic car indoors is not just a recommendation; it’s a cardinal rule. The shelter of an indoor space safeguards your investment from both the prying eyes of potential thieves and the unpredictable whims of nature. In addition to deterring burglars, an indoor environment prevents premature ageing due to exposure to elements like rain, UV rays, and corrosive airborne pollutants. Many insurance providers recognise the importance of indoor storage and might even stipulate it as a requirement for coverage. Thus, ensuring your classic car’s home is undercover is the first step in its longevity.

Driving conditions

As classic cars can be more susceptible to rusting, choosing the right driving conditions is paramount. Avoid taking your prized possession out on gloomy, wet days when roads are often wet and salted, which accelerates corrosion. Instead, opt for sunny days during the summer months when the weather is dry and clear. This choice not only protects your car’s bodywork but also helps to prevent mechanical vulnerabilities from developing.


The internal health of your classic car is essential for its continued performance and longevity. Regularly check and maintain fluid levels, including oil, water, and brake fluid. These fluids not only ensure smooth operation but also assist in preventing overheating—a common concern in older vehicles. Keep a vigilant eye on the gauges and replace fluids according to manufacturer recommendations. However, be prepared for the reality that sourcing parts for vintage models might pose challenges. If you need a service or repair then check out our list of services here.


A classic car’s exterior beauty is an essential part of its appeal. Regular cleaning is paramount, as neglecting this aspect can lead to fading and scratching of the paintwork. Prioritize a two-step cleaning process—begin with the body and then address the undercarriage. Applying a layer of wax not only enhances the visual allure but also acts as a protective shield against external elements. Comprehensive cleaning isn’t just about aesthetics; it directly influences the vehicle’s performance, particularly when it comes to maintaining tire integrity.


Classic cars carry a distinctive aura, and so does their insurance. To safeguard your investment, securing appropriate insurance coverage is non-negotiable. Leading insurance companies often have dedicated teams specialising in classic vehicles, ensuring you receive the tailored protection your cherished possession deserves. Alternatively, there are exclusive insurance providers solely focused on classic cars, offering comprehensive coverage that reflects their unique value.

Don’t drive it

For those fortunate enough to own a meticulously maintained classic car, the idea of limited use might enter consideration. As genuine classics often appreciate in value, minimizing driving can help preserve their condition and potentially enhance their investment potential. However, this approach is more suited for those primarily interested in capitalising on their car’s worth, rather than those who derive joy from actively engaging with their vehicle. Remember, the essence of a classic car lies not just in its aesthetics but also in the nostalgic joy of driving it. Otherwise you might need to scrap your car.

If you need any assistance with the maintenance and repair of your classic vehicle, then please do not hesitate to contact us here.

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